Pros and Cons of Ceramic Braces

One of the worst fears, when children need to get braces, is the idea that they will be made fun of, or that they’ll have to walk around with obvious braces. Thankfully, the idea of braces becoming less obvious prevailed, and we now have ceramic braces to help everyone become more comfortable.

Ceramic braces fleming islands fl are able to straighten teeth while also being able to blend into your mouth, so it won’t look so out of place. In fact, if you weren’t actively looking you wouldn’t even know someone had them! The ceramic braces have their pros and cons, and understanding them is a great way to figure out if they are needed.

Most ceramic braces are resistant to staining, although this wasn’t always the case. They were originally made from plastic, which stained easily until they were created with a ceramic composite. Now they are very resistant to staining and will remain clear. They also are strong enough to move your teeth into position and will be very durable for most common dental problems.

Ceramic braces fleming islands fl

According to some patients, the ceramic also is much more comfortable on the gums than the typical metal braces. If you don’t like mouth or gum pain, then they might be good for you to try out. However, the bands that hold the ceramic braces in place can stain, and while they aren’t noticeable that can be an issue. They are also more expensive than traditional metal braces.

Plus, if you need extensive treatment to get your mouth back in shape, ceramic braces might not be strong enough to do what needs to be done. You’ll need to ask your orthodontist about what your mouth really needs, and then see if ceramic or metal is right for you.