The Types of Speech Problems

If you want a good visual example, watch Looney Tunes. Porky Pig stutters, Elmer Fudd can’t say his ‘r’s’, and Daffy Duck has a lisp. If you sound like any of those characters when you speak normally then you more than likely have a speech problem.

Speech therapists are trained and specialized to help you when it comes to speech problems and trouble speaking and pronouncing words, and they are able to fix a number of speech related disorders. They can help with articulation, fluency, and combining words correctly. These speech problems can happen at any age, either from birth or due to a head or brain injury, such as a stroke.

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Some of the most common problems are stuttering, which many people have. Even James Earl Jones (voice of Darth Vader and Mufasa) was a stutterer at a young age, as well as trouble articulating certain letters such as r or l. You might say the word ‘girl’ and it might sound like ‘giwl’ or the letter you were meant to say can be mistaken for something else.

Most of these problems can be cured with help from a speech therapist. Stuttering can easily be treated through checkups and boosts of confidence, as most people stutter when they are nervous. While mispronouncing a certain letter can be fixed by repeating the sound and working with a central jersey speech therapy plainsboro nj service to train the muscles.

No matter what, speech problems can be trained away, and new habits can be learned to strengthen the muscles of your vocal chords at any age. So, don’t be afraid to go in and get help from a licensed speech therapist to improve your voice. The voice is a muscle, and with enough time and training you can get it working for you in no time flat.